Friday, August 13, 2010

the Necklace

Dont expect this to be the same short story we used to read when we were 17, bcuz the story of of this particular necklace i’m about  to tell you about is exceptional. This piece of shiny jewellery is a priceless possession worth more than millions. Its a treasure,even all the worlds gold and money could not buy. The gleaming of silver beads chained to each other, outshines even the largest pearls found in the deepest sea. The heart shaped locket, is the sole life of this necklace. Everytime we put this on the hearsthaped plaque will hang on our chests, close to our very own hearts.Five significant letters are permanently inscribed, forming a name that is already tattooed across our hearts, embedded on our wall of memories.

Gffxs,  consist of sixteen beautiful ladies tied by a beautiful bond beyond bloodsisters .Although up to now, we’ve only known each other for only 4 years, it feels like we have already been by each other’s side starting from the second we opened our eyes to this world. Each one of us knows how another member works and operates. We know each others deepest fears, strength, and secrets like no one else. Between the sixteen of us, there’s a circle of comfort and unconditional love that allows us to open up, showing our true selves that even the world might not see, knowing that gffxs will never turn their back on us. When any one of us are in grief, the others feel the pain too. We share everything. Theres just no boundary to the extent that sometimes, we feel like we have another 15 diffrent houses and families!

Back in the school days, we always made it a point to eat at the canteen together, catching up on each others stories. Nope, even being in different classes would not bring us apart. Things got even more happening when a couple of us got our driving license. Since then, we were almost  together every second, everywhere we go.  Sleepovers are a must after every exam week, a time we would lie back, relax, and bring the house down!
During the post-spm holidays, we just got closer than ever. I think if i were to tell everything we did together, i would not finish even by tomorrow. From swimming in the seas, to just goofing around in public, you name it.  On special occasions, we would never miss making our own gffxs cupcakes which would be the perfect cherry on top.

The hardest part that all of us had to go through was seeing each other going their own ways, entering the different world of tertiary level education. Personally, it felt like pieces of our heart were being taken away slowly one by one. Nevertheless, we are still stronger than ever now. Texting each other,  sending instant messages, calls and webcamming every once in a while. Besides that, having  facebook as our homepage, there is no better way to keep in touch with each other.

Frankly, we all came up with the name to entertain ourselves and kill our boredom during a camp we were all forced to attend. Who knew, it lasts till now and we are all blooming and blossoming alongside each other. Gffxs, will last forever.eternally.